Welcome to the web page for the Social Neurochemistry Lab at the Ohio State University, which is headed by Baldwin Way. Our research is focused on how psychological factors trigger the immune system and also how the immune system can alter emotions and decision-making.

Please click HERE to download an application if you are interested in working for the Social Neurochemistry Lab.

The lab will be accepting graduate students for the fall of 2020. There is particular interest in students who have an interest in studying religion and health or an interest in fMRI and stress.

Recent News.....

The lab just received an NIH grant to scan several hundred adolescents at multiple time points in order to examine how neighborhood stressors (e.g. exposure to violence) alter neural processing of rewarding and threatening stimuli that are predictive of substance abuse.  The project incorporates state-of-the-art GPS tracking methods and assesses whether inflammation mediates the effects of these stressors: Link

Dr. Way was interviewed on NPR by Alison Aubrey. (12/4/17: Link) regarding recent acetaminophen research.